Podcasts are quickly gaining relevance in the field of journalism. Podcasts present a new platform for conveying information or relating news stories. NPR, for example, offers programming such as Fresh Air, Code Switch, NPR Politics, and Hidden Brain in podcast format. The immensely popular Serial, and S-Town saw their geneses on This American Life  which is also on NPR.

Their compositions draw from many necessary skills for a journalist. They call on a multi-literate understanding of technology – how to operate equipment, which programs make the best or best enhance podcasts, which functions within these programs or which features best tell your story in this podcast form – and they are consumable by a wider audience as they are ordinarily accessed via multiple means be it a computer, smartphone, iPod, etc.

This podcast was created for a Digital Writing course at UWF and was meant to explore the way the relationship between writing and digital technology.