My name is Heidi Travis and I’m 39 years old. Born in California, and raised in Peru for a short stint, I finally came to Pensacola Florida in the early 80s and have lived here ever since. I am half Peruvian on my mother’s side. She and my late father who was 18 years her elder, had me late in life – about 13 years after my other siblings were born. As a result, I have lived in an age and culture gap growing up and it has lent me a particular point of view that is uniquely my own. My family instilled in me a love of language, music, nature, and an eye for the absurd. Above all else, they fostered in me a wicked but self-deprecating humor which has served me very well.

My chief love has always been stories, though. Because I am bilingual and an avid lover of literature in its many forms, language has held a particular fascination for me since I can remember. I have always loved stories; reading, telling and creating them. Journalism affords a writer the opportunity to explore multiple avenues for creative expression. Journalism also presents the unique challenge of demanding both detailed and concise writing. How does one convey a single message to the broadest possible audience? It is precisely that very question that captivates me and I wish nothing more than to find my own answer to it.